1 Buy-World's Inspection Service

Buy-World offer third-party worldwide industries quality assurance inspectors and inspection service for both buyers and suppliers, you can order this service directly online which listed on our platform.

For example the goods inspection service will offer a full inspection report to meet the quality standards specified in your order contract, by visiting the manufacturer anywhere in China, with testing and certify that the goods being produced and shipped.

2.Do you know Buy-world's Inspection Service?

Affordable & Reliable Inspectors

Secure Online Payment

Inspection Quality Guaranteed

2 Buy-World inspection service:

  • 1

    Buyer/seller order inspection service
  • 2

    pay the service
  • 3

    inspector finish the inspection and upload the report
  • 4

    buyer/seller confirm the report and the inspector get the payment



Where can I use Buy World's Inspection Service?
All regions within mainland China.
Whom could I appeal to for help if I run into problems when using Inspection Service?
You can always contact online customer service or E-mail us for help. Our Customer Service Team will help you with any concerns you may have.
What if I am unsatisfied with the inspection report?
If you are unsatisfied with the inspection, you can file a dispute against the Inspection Service or you can submit a refund request to the inspector.