• Free Trip to China(Guzhen)Lighting Industry Cluster for Procurement Festival
  • Time :18th-20th Oct.2019
  • Venue:Guzhen .Guangdong Province .China

1. Meet a large number of qualified suppliers.

2. Personal sourcing assistant during this activity.

3. Free trip to Guzhen city.

4. Free accommodation with meal offer.

  • Main products
  • Professional assistance
  • Famous-branded enterprise
  • Subsidy

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To participate in this meeting, you will get more as belows:
  • 1. To meet over 50 brands of quality manufacturers and know their preponderant products;
  • 2. Provide factory inspection, product QC, vendor certification, transaction insurance, logistics, order tracking and other follow-up business consulting services;
  • 3. By online and offline interaction, large amount of quality products for your choice on www.buy-world.com;
  • 4. To meet your purchase demand through butler services, we will use our data base analysis, accurate matching,and product selection system. And provide more in order to make sure that you can find the satisfied suppliers partner.
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